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Louis Weston

Call 1994

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Louis Weston is recognised for his expertise in several practice areas by the Chambers & Partners UK Bar Directory 2017.

Clinical Negligence - Western (Bar) - Band 2

A highly experienced barrister practising across the London Bar and Western Circuit. He handles a range of clinical negligence claims including those relating to delayed diagnoses and cosmetic surgery. He also acts in cases concerning negligent veterinary treatment and veterinary products.  
Recent work: Acted for a claimant in a matter concerning the mismanagement of delivery.

Sport - London (Bar) - Band 1

Manages a blossoming sports practice and has key knowledge of match-fixing cases. He receives instructions relating to snooker, motor racing and horse racing.
Strengths: "An excellent barrister in all respects. He is extremely bright and has a keen analytical mind." "He has a great sense of humour in front of panels, but he still takes the work seriously."
Recent work: Acted for the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association to prosecute match-fixing allegations against an amateur snooker player.

Chambers & Partners UK Bar Directory 2016.

Clinical Negligence - Western (Bar) - Band 2

Well regarded by his peers as an analytical lawyer with a powerful court presence. He splits his practice between the London Bar and Western Circuit, and has experience in the complementary area of product liability including involvement in the recent PIP breast implant scandal. His expertise includes handling litigation related to veterinary negligence and defective veterinary products.
Strengths: "A larger than life character who is really impressive. He has the ability to digest years of litigation and filings into his brain very quickly." "A good overall barrister who is good on his feet."

Sport - London (Bar) - Band 2

Has a fantastic reputation for his strong regulatory and disciplinary work before the British Horseracing Authority and the Greyhound Board of Great Britain. He also undertakes doping and corruption cases across the world of sport.
Strengths: "He is extremely bright with a keen analytical mind. He is able to quickly identify the key issues in any dispute and communicate them in a clear manner."
Recent work: Instructed by the BHA in the prosecution of 39 jockeys, in a case concerning the start of the 2014 Grand National.

Chambers & Partners UK Bar Directory 2015.

Sports Law – London Bar

Louis Weston of 3PB Barristers has represented governing bodies from horse racing and greyhound racing in connection with corruption and disciplinary matters. He has also acted on corruption and doping matters in athletics, snooker, football and rugby.
Expertise: "He's a natural advocate; very skilful and unflappable." "Advice from Louis Weston is like receiving advice from Zeus - you know it's right and if it's not then a fork of lightning will come down and make it right."
Recent work: He prosecuted a corruption case for the BHA against jockey Eddie Ahern and four other individuals.

Clinical negligence – Western Bar Band 2 Set

Louis Weston - Has established an interesting niche in veterinary surgery cases alongside his general clinical negligence caseload. He is chiefly noted in this area for his work on behalf of doctors, surgeons and other individual healthcare professionals.
Expertise: "He is extremely able and extremely effective in everything that he does - he never disappoints."

Chambers and Partners UK Bar Directory 2014.

Sports Law – London Bar

Louis Weston of 3PB Barristers. A highly regarded junior, whose sports practice primarily centres on disputes in horse racing and greyhound racing. He is regularly instructed by the British Horseracing Authority on corruption, race fixing and riding offences.
Expertise: “He is incredibly bright and great to work with, and can turn his hand to anything.”
Recent work: He was led by Mark Warby QC in the prosecution of 11 cases of conspiracy to fix horse racing. 

Clinical Negligence - Western (Bar)

Louis Weston represents a wide range of clients, including doctors, veterinary surgeons and other healthcare workers. He is noted for his skill with misdiagnosis cases.
Expertise: “He is extremely down to earth and builds a good rapport with his clients.” “He has a medical background and is extraordinarily helpful. He is exactly the sort of counsel you want.”

Louis Weston is recommended by the Legal 500 Bar Directory 2016 for his expertise in the Regional Bar - Western Circuit
Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing – Leading juniors
Louis Weston - He has a good brain with excellent technical knowledge.

Regional Bar - Western Circuit
Personal injury and clinical negligence – Leading juniors
Louis Weston
- He has a good brain with excellent technical knowledge.

London Bar.
Sport – Leading juniors
Louis Weston - He has a quirky way about him that clients like.

London Bar. 
Professional discipline and regulatory law (including police law) - Leading juniors
Louis Weston - A popular choice in sports-related disputes.

Louis Weston is recommended by the Legal 500 Bar Directory 2015 for his expertise in the Regional Bar - Western Circuit
Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing – Leading juniors
Louis Weston - He has expertise in health and safety, professional discipline and trading standards

London Bar.
Sport – Leading juniors
Louis Weston - He is outstanding and has a very good understanding of the sports market.

London Bar
Professional discipline and regulatory law (including police law) - Leading juniors
Louis Weston - A popular choice in sports-related disputes.

Louis Weston is recommended by the Legal 500 UK Directory 2014 for his expertise at the London Bar.
3PB’s Louis Weston - “Quickly masters his brief. He is respected by all sides and a pleasure to work with.”
3PB’s Louis Weston - “Respected by all and a pleasure to work with.”

Louis Weston is Recommended by the Legal 500 Directory 2013/14 as Leading Junior at the London Bar for his Media, Entertainment and Sport and also Professional discipline and regulatory law (including police law) expertise. "3PB’s ‘quick-witted, experienced advocate’ and horseracing expert Louis Weston."

Louis Weston took a First in Philosophy from Bristol University (1989-1992) and the Miller Barstow Prize (1991). He was educated at Winchester and studied medicine at St Thomas’s Hospital (1987-1989) before deciding a Doctor’s life was not for him. In 2009 he was appointed a Recorder to the South Eastern Circuit.

His practice areas are:

  • Sports Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Professional Negligence – particularly clinical and solicitors’ negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Regulatory crime
  • Professional Disciplinary proceedings

Louis’  Sports Law practice includes prosecuting before the British Horseracing Authority, the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, the Turf Club,  the World Professional Snooker and Billiards Association and before other arbitral bodies.  He acts before the courts and regulators in disputes arising from sports contracts and doping issues, representing sports players and professional bodies and their regulators in a variety of disputes including doping, enforcement of decisions and challenges to regulators’ decisions.

His Commercial Litigation practice incorporates acting and advising in disputes arising from failed business ventures, contractual disputes and partnerships and in obtaining and resisting freezing injunctions. He has a particular interest in disputes arising from sport and gambling.

His Professional Negligence practice includes acting for and against solicitors and in clinical disputes arising from veterinarian and clinical negligence.

In Regulatory matters Louis advises and represents both Claimants and Defendants involving Health and Safety breaches and claims against Insurers.

Environmental Protection cases and Trading Standards offences. He  appears before inquests.
In Professional Disciplinary proceedings Louis has defended Police Officers before Disciplinary Hearings and also defended proceedings before the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Quality Care Commission. He has prosecuted and defended complaints before the General Medical Council and prosecuted before the Hearing Aid Council.

Louis’  Personal Injury practice includes fatal accidents and severe injury arising from accidents in the workplace and motor accidents, as well as injuries as a result of clinical negligence. 

Louis Weston is recognised as a Leading Junior at the London Bar in the field of sports law (in the Media, Entertainment and Sports section) and is particularly recognised for his work in horseracing cases.

For more details please see his specialist profiles.

Notable Cases Before the Courts

Cronin v Greyhound Board of Great Britain [2013] EWCA Civ 668.  A wide-ranging dispute over the enforcement of the decision of the GBGB’s Disciplinary decision against a trainer and establishing the arguable need for a sports regulator to provide reasons for its decision, and that the fairness of a sports regulator’s disciplinary process was to be viewed by reference to its first tier and appeal procedures.

Darren Egan v Motor Services Bath Ltd [2007] EWCA Civ 1002, (2008) 1 All ER 1156: (2008) 1 FLR 1294: (2008) 1 WLR 1589(2008) 1 All ER 1156. An argument over the quality of a car, it was argued by the claimant that the car was defective and secretly repaired by the defendant. In the words of Dame Janet Smith: "Mr Weston readily despatched those submissions to the boundary".

Ghariban Saki v Patrick Trant [2008] EWHC 492 (QB)  A dispute as to the division of the proceeds of a multi-million pound Casino development in Southampton.


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Louis Weston recognised for his Excellence in Sports Law Services ...read more

March 3 2017:

Louis Weston wins the 2017 International Advisory Experts Award: Sports Law Lawyer of the Year in England ...read more

December 13 2016:

Sports Law Barrister Louis Weston represents the BHA in the re-hearing of the Jim Best case ...read more

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Professional Qualifications and Appointments

  • Recorder

Professional Bodies

  • British Association for Sport and Law (BASL)
  • Member of ARDL